Enlightened Violence

by Ewige Schlangenkraft

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1 - Morgenheutegesternwelt
2 - All In Image (Vipassana)
3 - Predictable Karma Universe
4 - Dynamic Homosexuality To Impression Of Unconsciousness
5 - The Abject Nothingness Of God's Brain
6 - Molesting The Ineffable
7 - The Ever-retreating


released November 7, 2014

Limited Cassette edition of 50 available at COF Records



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Track Name: Enlightened Violence
notice we eat death change and harmony dont place i keeps final unto death difficulty to death transition accomplishes all keeps the places getting lost keeps the places getting lost irrevocable tao somehow sadism most deviation all in image of vipassana all recordings of "unconsciousness" are available you doing life means advanced dianetics you doing life means you physically exist all recordings repeat all recordings of the time line are available organist assumes characteristics of the other assuming role of father-mother "predictable karma universe" endless cycle of work retired uncomfortably on analyzed enlightenment the i forever retreating to some nirvana i being ignorance we concerned ignorance not ignorance "we good" is ignorance ever-retreating ever-retreating show your limitations feel love useful abstract person from person for liberated bodhisattva creatures the me limitations i the mirage far breathing fully writing once there is is there can be will be om gya gya ha om gya gya ha om gya gya hey om nun bung nung "continue to exist when the universe ends" dissolved into black unhindered by purpose that awaits them just plain paper just plain paper just plain paper flight of purple semen
As delightfully repugnant as ever, Ewige Schlangenkraft have traversed the comsos once again to deliver another collection of ‘songs’ that test the limits of human perception. Black metal is touched on, some post-punk here and there, a dash of white noise for good measure. Riffs seem random and wandering, the guitars sounding like a dentists drill grinding into your skull. Song structures are all over the place for the most part, occasionally snapping into focus to reveal a malevolent rhythm or a sinister groove.