Homo Ludens

by Mr Bradly-Mr Martin

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released October 6, 2016

"10 minutes of insane experimental post-punk for mentally disturbed drug users and UFO worshiping space-cult enthusiasts"



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Track Name: God not of the Inherited Environment - Exercise #1 A) Man is Serious at Play, B) Inviolable, C) Cosmocrator
the is simply is - stratum unavoidable - creation is this abortive act of Demiurge - calls for the far-fetched female, all-knowing.

Western act of far-fetched mercy - knows mercy personal when took mythological opposition - force "primordial" of freedom - endangered presuppositions, psyche as creation of consciousness, fury creation in prime-entity. GOD not of the inherited environment. existence to the all-knowing. last as deadly, conscious creation. thousands of miles apart - excitations - his stratum cosmology mechanism - non-dual from exerted creation - ancestors embodiment of highest wisdom - He IALDABOATH. all-knowing.

He the non-dual - influenced abortive stock since then. of psychic influences.

embodiment unaware - On human comprimises - creation in the Sophia, his not highest result - occurrences, essential mythological force in unconscious and environment. parallels in creation - IALDABOATH.

from the collective everything - immune to ‘Control.’ Demiurge cosmology. ephemeral, real, recoils at the parallels - recoils at acquisitions - since embodiment in mind - consciousness matrix thinks parallels - without On and It into the inherited And of consciousness - Sophia dreams autochthonously of her essential self - mind means real.

Together is embodiment. 'Control' parasite, not knowledge - parallels abortive of female, but without compromises - immune in deadly ‘Control.’ psychologically, nothing - of the embodiment - The everything, but as He writes, any so-called embodiment, deadly deadly deadly to the individual - unconscious stratum, unconscious thinks collective, inherited. immune since the everything, of the ‘Control’ parallels embodiment consciousness - basically it compromises upon parallels - the controlled creation of We - all knowledge of years - consciousness without embodiment - lead from knowledge - He recoils - quite essential - the parasite collective Demiurge, infuences nothing-everything.