Relax in the safety of your own delusions

by Cease To Exist {sonic torture}

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Vetrarnótt Picking the best riffs into the black metal genre, distorting them to the maximum, filling the whole thing with an hardcore and twisted soul, and embrace the sonic torture (or pleasure). The concept behind this album is much more than it could show at first listen. You need to "torture" yourself many times and praise Yamabushi for releasing such good shit. Favorite track: Agents of Singularity.
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Mattia scathing and spiteful blackened hardcore that will skin you alive. a real plight for the senses to pull through. nothing in the world like it. Favorite track: Unborn.




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Track Name: Tathagata
nothing is more alive nor fertile than emptiness vajradhara speaks in the silence of tathata my flesh my name is falling away my shadow my memory awakening
Track Name: Morphogenesis
no awareness no nature plant or stone beyond language doctrine of emptiness
Track Name: Silence
the realization of the great self the realization of the hidden godhead borne in emptiness it remains unborn remaining unborn it is eternally becoming primordial and enduring from beginningless time
Track Name: Agents of Singularity
this is war to opposition eternal conflict unending peace eternal death unending life existence demands opposition agents of singularity the energy dance of sub-atomic particles the tandava dance at the end of time the flames of manifest existence burning in everliving fire agents of kali agents of the black hole assassins of hassan-i sabbah
Track Name: Decline
the seeds of wisdom bestow the gift of destruction archaic process of revealing entranced by the dance of stars disgust betrayal and reparation you lock yourselves in cages of fear you lament your loss of freedom you bow before the same dead gods who abandon you alone assume characteristics of the other
Track Name: Gathering the Light
wander in samsara heedless avoidance of the path begets death an endless wheel of becoming to betray life summons suffering upon I lost in the void
Track Name: Delusion
a dark corner of the universe
Track Name: Lankavatara
devoid of self nature abiding in emptiness devoid of self nature abiding in emptiness find death obey death no ground hopeless through endless kalpas
Track Name: Unborn
i beg thee lord of death time and change total void reveal to me black mother truth of impermanence non-manifest energy absolute reality brain matter and blood is all I have left
Track Name: Geburah
ateh malkuth ve-geburah ateh malkuth ve-gedulah liberation from the ego-cage the souls holy façade illuminated in netzach the 3 pillars restored the drawn together are torn apart the torn apart no more by the will of the godhead sacred and holy evermore cosmic dissolution re-absorption into the void
Track Name: Barren Soil
body like dry bone mind like dead ashes this is true knowledge not to strive not to know
in obscurity endless convenience of choice mindless clarity of weakness aimless and perfect without thought
Track Name: Disease
i vomit in the face of your gods the sacraments that bindeth thee by-products of your cursed seeds waiting interminably when all you care for is gone when the books are burned in the streets when you surrender to total collapse when cities are swallowed by seas when manifold illusions crumble around you when you have no mouth to speak when your children abandon you and you weep endlessly dreams of joyous extermination
Track Name: The Ever-increasing
protocosmos the first cosmos the absolute in the ray of creation the holy cosmos great cosmos megalacosmos decaying vessels our starry world the milky way microcosmos deuterocosmos the sun the planetary world tritocosmos man the middle cosmos decaying vessels the atom
Track Name: Dawn of Ignorance
safe predictable mechanical universe lost on paths of ignorance wandering the six worlds deluded by hope and fear the source of birth and death cause and effect are one not a speck of dust out of place fraudulent human stock worthless disposable flesh ignorance stupidity standardized species